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The Prey in the Vale
Hard Dreams
All those movies told me dreams would keep me happy and well, but so far that hasn't been working out. It seems my dreams are all impossibles to interpret. Can anyone help me understand them?
The Haunted Child
Her entire life had been marked by strange occurances, but Anna had never been concerned. Winning a lottery was just luck, right? And her impressive intuition? Perhaps she's just a people person.
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Fire and Flame
Licensed for Evil
What can you do when you've been the right to be wrong? Do what other can't. With a license for evil, Gerald can finally do what everyone knows has been long overdue.
Temptation of the Knight
In the medieval times, the night was the only safe space for men of the round-table.
Caleb's picks
Oracle of Ice
Copper Heart
Not all heroes have hearts of gold. Gather 'round for a tale of average proportions, of somewhat extraordinary people, of above-average courage.
Ringmaster in Florida
Based off the hit docu-series "Tiger King", come learn more about the complicated measures found in the circus in the Sunshine State.